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Accounting service is the most favourable offer among all kinds of services supplied nowadays. We offer a full range of accounting record-keeping services and support for your business organization on the territory of Mykolayiv and Mykolayiv region. We also have experience of cooperation with enterprises in other regions of Ukraine.


An advantage of performing accounting record-keeping services by the third parties is that each of us performs its work professionally. We provide the accounting outsourcing for you: you entrust our company to keep your accounting records, your enterprise book-keeping, accountancy planning and organization, and to do accounting records reconstruction for your company. The outsourcing is especially relevant in case when successful businessmen establish several legal entities to carry out different kinds of activities and each of them has a need of providing the accounting services.


Entering into a contract for rendering of accounting services for your company you will save money on chief accountant salary, work place arrangement, other incidental costs, and the most important thing — you will save your health.


Entrusting our professionals to render accounting services for your business you will stop worrying about your accounting statements which either failed to be filed in full or in time or without violations. You will manage to avoid fines and penalties due to tax and accounting laws violations. We are responsible for our work and guarantee quality and privacy of your commercial information, record-keeping regularity, tax optimization, reliability and protection of the results of our work before external (governmental authorities, investors, and creditors, etc) and internal users while rendering accounting services for you.


Before starting our cooperation we examine the specific nature of your enterprise activity carefully and analyze amount of tax payable:


Professional accounting services allow you to get the latest information about the financial standing of your company in order to make management decisions, and if necessary – professional assistance on accounting and tax issues. While providing the accounting services our specialists tend to create the most favourable conditions for the development of your business.


Among our services:


-                     full range of accounting record-keeping services for business organizations, accounting record-keeping and audit of production;

-                     accounting record-keeping services for enterprises and private entrepreneurs;

-                     registration, re-registration and liquidation of private enterprises, limited liability companies, and sole proprietors.

-                     company quick registration;

-                     audit services;

-                     analysis and assessment of financial standing of the company;

-                     assessment of accounting policy completeness, legality and rationality;

-                     examination and optimization of company organizational set-up and document flow;

-                     definition and organization of business processes performance;

-                     organization of management and financial account;

-                     preparation of internal company records for the interested users;

-                     tax inspection support;

-                     business analysis carrying-out;

-                     cost optimization;

-                     commercial opportunities assessment, planning implementation;

-                     business restructuring, counseling;

-                     synchronization of company divisions activity;

-                     improving of your business controllability;

-                     registration of amendments to the constituent documents of enterprises;

-                     registration of the changed information for private person – entrepreneur;

-                     obtaining of USREOU certificates.