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international site administration

Due to the range of modern technologies used for hosting of any website on the Internet as well as for its creation website administration is a sophisticated problem with which an inexperienced person or even group can hardly cope. In most cases when business goes online it is difficult to instantly arrange proper support and administration of website so demand for such services grows on several fronts simultaneously. Firstly, it will be a range of purely technical measures which must be performed periodically so that web mechanism of business could work as a watch. Secondly, as well as any other business the web business requires interactivity, i. e. interaction with partners and clients which needs specialists related to sales, marketing and, of course, products and services support.

In the whole variety of available Internet services the most popular model in relation to small and medium business is the one combining creation and administration of websites. Every business owner may decide on his own how convenient it is for the particular case but it is undeniable that if any business bets its growth on the Internet, success of such enterprise does not depend on quality of online services rendered and the person promoting this business in the web. This allows assume that selection of partners for this part of business on the Internet begins from the moment when a developer of online business-instrument is chosen. The latter is responsible for success of the whole enterprise from the very beginning, whether he understands that or not. That is why any business gains success in the web only when its partner fully understands his role and responsibility.

Our prices

We offer flexible pricing system and loyal. Below is a table with our prices. Prices for our services are discussed individually.

     Price list:

Administration (support / revision) Site

Website Administration (monthly) from 400UAH. / 1200rub. / $ 35
Widget Installation from social networks from 60uah. / 180rub. / $ 5
Filling of the site articles (1000 characters) from 40 UAH. / 130rub. / $ 4
Optimization of the site, one-time, without moving from 800grn. / 240rub. / $ 70
Website promotion in search engines (monthly) from 2000grn. / 6700rub. / $ 170