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Dear Colleagues and Customers!  

Profalians Company is opening its representative offices in Odessa and Kiev SOON!


Developing of your business today depends on the sources of information which you (as a leader) can effectively use. Unfortunately, most of the advertising campaigns fail due to the fact that the IT technologies crowd out any type of advertising that you can imagine. Today, any serious company, regardless of its size, uses Internet for promotion services as well as for searching of partners and customers.

IT professionals who work in our company, have experience in creating and promoting of websites, presentations and content management for more than 10 years, the most important thing is that the number of our customers, who are satisfied with our services, is growing all the time. The first step on the path to a successful business is  a creating of website ab initio. You should create a website which will be your  business card and you will be able to use it directly as a “self-promotion” of your services or products in the Internet.

This website  ( a business card)  is a cost effective solution: a website with a minimum content (5 to 10 pages) which will present all the information about your company. Multi-language websites are also very popular because they  will represent you to all inhabitants of any country in the world.

For more demanding customers we create websites ab initio on any topic, whether it’s a website for a furniture company or a cooking blog – we can easily create a design, provide the layout, registration of a domain name and accommodation for hosting and make the most complex programming work, we  will hold a competent optimization and registration of your website in search engines (such as Yandex, Google, etc.), we ensure the lifting of  PR and TCI of your website. You should only fill out a form and within the shortest period of time (after verification of order details) you`ll  get a website, that will cater to the needs of your business.

Creation of  a website from scratch, involves the creation of a programmatic framework, design and optimization services (site promotion in  the Internet, SEO – Optimization) and filling in your website with the content which you book yourself (“Content Management”). We guarantee, that your  content will be more than 95% unique, literate and satisfy the theme of the website.

What if you already have a website? We offer the following services for those who already have a website in the Internet, but who`re not satisfied with its “condition”:

  • Development of websites at any phase of readiness (updating of  websites)
  • Development of websites with the understanding of any problem and implementation of these tasks, according to the requirements
  • Administration of websites (a lifelong monitoring the integrity and security of it if needed)
  • Design of database of any complexity  and database applications, integration of various formats of databases (SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Design and development of the software of any complexity
  • Web-design, updating of design, creation and layout of the templates (from the simplest to the most technically complex types)
  • Creation of applications for social networks (Google API, Twitter API, Facebook API)
  • Creation of applications for basic networking and administrative components such as  Windows, Linux, MC, ANDROID.
  • Creation and development of company`s style and logo
  • Development of the OOP

Peculiarities of our specialists:

  • are highly  experienced in programming languages: Borland Builder C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual C++, РHP, Zend Framework, PHP Storm IDE, C#, Symfony, Social Engine, Zend2, OpenCart, Smarty, Yii, CodeIgniter, Django, Joomlа, Prestashop, Python, PHP5, Kohana, Yii, C++ Borland Builder,  our library, Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, Memcache, Redis, HTML , HTML5, DHTML, XML, Joomla, JQUERY, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, Delphi, FastReport, EhLib, FIB, Mencoder, FFMpeg, ImageMagick, BM Shop, joomla, magento, WP etc
  • work with programms:  Microsoft OfficeTM; Adobe PhotoShopTM (MX); Adobe LightRoomTM; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Dreamwiever; Adobe Type Manager; Adobe Acrobat Professional; CorelDRAW; Adobe InDesign; Adobe Premiere Pro; 3dsMax; QvarkXPress Passport; Adobe After Effects; 1С: Enterprise  v8; QuickTime; Autodesk 3ds Max; Autodesk Maya; Autodesk Mudbox; E-on Software Vue; Pixologic Zbrush; Maxon BodyPaint; SideFx Houdini; TheFoundry Nuke; The Foundry Mari; Chaosgroup Vray; Zend Studio; Components MS AJAX Toolkit; writing add-ons to your browser, application deployment Google, Twitter API, FaceBook API, PayPal etc.

The benefits of mutual cooperation are obvious:

1) You get the team of web-developers who will work hard to create your own personal, unique, useful for your business and progressive (in the marketing sense) website;

2)  We halve the time of any work (even the most difficult)! And all that – thanks to the co-operative work and a willingness to force majeure conditions!

3)  You also get a full guarantee of the quality of our work

4)  We can work on your requirements specifications or to make up our own requirements specification based on the requirements that you describe to correct deficiencies website of any complexity, and lastly

5) Discounts, discounts and discounts again, to regular customers based on negotiated prices

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