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web design and development

Web design is no longer something experimental or merely technical; today this is an integral part of business. Maybe, even those related to business can hardly tell what types of business do not need web presence or for which of them it makes no sense. Business uses the Internet, at least, for distribution of information about itself, and, at most, as a universal trading system where any regional player can instantly make his business global. And this comes on top of the fact that the web is still the most interesting advertising environment from commercial point of view where some people manage to promote sites without serious investments.

In the nearest future the B2B sector working on the Internet will be in a special position: On the one hand, such type of business must be one step ahead of current trends, and, on the other hand, this is a kind of pilot test for realization of new ideas and solutions which, maybe, have never come true. In other words, for any business owner to order a site means to take a risk and to broaden his business range to new territories. Of course, in this case the risk can be relatively small (though amounts of advertising budgets sometimes impress) but business is always ready to take bigger risk if it is reasonable.

So in the context of any business web design becomes a search for new instruments and markets; and the main task of those who render such services to business is not only technical support but also realization of goals of a certain business which are related to the future web site.

Our prices

We offer flexible pricing system and loyal. Below is a table with our prices. Prices for our services are discussed individually.

     Price list:


Logo from 300grn. / 900rub. / $ 25
Design of the main pages of the site from 600uah. / 1800rub. / $ 50

Site creating:

Nesting site, Landing (landing page) from 600uah. / 1800rub. / $ 50

Administration (support / revision) Site

Website Administration (monthly) from 400UAH. / 1200rub. / $ 35
Widget Installation (plug-ins) from social networks from 60uah. / 180rub. / $ 5
Filling of the site articles (1000 characters) from 40 UAH. / 130rub. / $ 4
Optimization of the site, one-time, without moving from 800grn. / 240rub. / $ 70
Website promotion in search engines (monthly) from 2000grn. / 6700rub. / $ 170