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Nowadays website promotion cannot be uniquely regarded either as a craft or as an art; most likely this is both. What’s more, it is impossible to say what from these two is more, when there is more money or when it is not used at all in such cases. In any case this process always begins with the so-called website audit; it is checked if a certain site corresponds to parameters of the niche to which it claims it belongs or to which it would like to belong.

Specialists for which website promotion is the basic occupation are intended not only to find weaknesses of the site at all levels – text content, content in a markup language (meta tags, attributes, etc.), etc. – but also to make a shortlist of measures needed to be performed in a due procedure. Cost of such correction (optimization) is the very place where various service providers can compete; there is no single recipe for the best optimization of any site or business.

This is why website search promotion remains a kind of “black box” in which something happens by some secret rules and laws of search systems; specialist and users are only allowed to compare obtained results with what competitors have.  Relative success or failure in environment of constant competitiveness fully corresponds to the Internet nature where success of any endeavor is completely unpredictable. Maybe, unpredictability is the very feature of the web which triggers a general desire to use it.

Our prices

We offer flexible pricing system and loyal. Below is a table with our prices. Prices for our services are discussed individually.

     Price list:

Promotion, SEO-Optimization

Analysis of site assessment “usability” to finalize the recommendations, advice, answers to questions SEO from 50 $ / 575grn./1700rub.
The semantic core from 50 $ / 575grn./1700rub.
Selection of keywords depending on the region, the subject site and the direction of development of the site from 0.80 $ / 10grn./30rub. 1 key
Optimization articles, posting on the site settings Title, Description, h1-h3, Keywords 3 $ / 35grn./100rub. 1 article
SEO-copyright (one thousand Russian characters without spaces.) 3.5 $ / 40grn/120rub.
SEO-rewrite (either source, one thousand characters without spaces Rus.) 1.70 $ / 20grn./60rub.
SEO-rewrite (source not specified, one thousand characters without spaces Rus.) 2 $/ 25grn./70rub.

Website Promotion in Google and Yandex

Subwoofer Request (<1,000 requests per month) Yandex – 0.60 $ / 7grn./20rub.,
Google – 0.50 $ / 6grn./17rub.
Mid-Request (> 1000 <5000 requests per month) Yandex – 0.80 $ / 9grn./30rub.,
Google – 0.65 $ / 7.5grn./23rub.
Request High (> 5000 requests per month) Yandex – 1 $ / 12grn./35rub.,
Google – 0.85 $ / 10grn./30rub.

The cost of work promotion request is calculated as follows:
Z * P * D = TP
Z – number of requests (NC or NW or OT)
P – cost of 1 request
D – number of days required for the promotion of the request on the first page in the search results. The calculation starts with the actual date of commencement of work
TP – total cost of